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Focus Your Time and Efforts on Running Your Business and Leave the financial worries to us.

PPG Finance specializes in funding business and real estate ventures of all sizes, stages, and types. Our mission is to help you achieve the success you’ve been working hard for without hefty repayments you cannot afford.

Fulfilling your dream shouldn’t be as difficult as it is through banks. We want to make the process of achieving your capital goals as easy, cost-effective, and convenient as possible.
Based in Lombard, Illinois, we pride ourselves on building key relationships with the industry’s most valued commercial lenders, which secures direct access to easy terms, low interest rates, cash-outs, and refinancing when necessary.

Our team comprises certified, highly experienced, and expert financing professionals who are dedicated to helping you solve your financial complications. To us, capital financing is not just about providing loans; it’s about building strong business relationships. We get to know you, your lifestyle, and venture in detail to identify all your capital needs.

When you’ve reached the success you’ve been striving for, we’ve successfully achieved ours.

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About PPG Finance

Based in Lombard, Illinois, PPG Finance is a capital consulting firm offering custom loan solutions to businesses, entrepreneurs, and real estate developers. Founded in 2019, PPG Finance has a team of highly experienced financers. We have partnered with a large number of lenders to ensure each business and real estate venture reaches the success they need. With easy, cost-effective, and convenient capital programs, PPG Finance dedicates itself to the growth and prosperity of each lender.

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