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Pied Piper Hedge Fund is a Reg D Investment Firm headquartered in Lombard, Illinois. We create and execute methodical financial strategies covering a variety of asset classes and risk management. Our priority is to create a transparent overview of our systematic and project results, through state-of-the-art software, in which investors have their own private profile. Our team of portfolio managers, researchers, and technologists work together to ensure we produce exceptional returns for our clients!

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Our team of portfolio managers, researchers, and developers grind diligently to sustain and enhance our process. Pied Piper Hedge Fund’s portfolio managers strategize investment ideas to obtain high  return for our clients, while overseeing compliance, IT, and accounting departments. Our analysts pursue qualitative research to identify the necessary assets to trade with funds, like individual securities, market sectors, and macroeconomics. Our technologists validate automated tradings which are integrated into our systematic trading platform, with ease.


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