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At Pied Piper Finance, we have a list of tailored merchant processing solutions specifically molded to meet your needs. 



Provides your business with a unique and simplified merchant processing experience. Our custom tailored rates, world-class customer service, and innovative value-added solutions help your organization to maximize growth. Making money is hard enough for your business, taking payments from your customers shouldn’t be! 



Pied Piper Finance only offers the best and most cutting edge terminal solutions. We feel that no business should be excluded from experiencing terminal driven values such as PIN based debit savings, contactless card acceptance, wireless processing, or pay at the table contactless card acceptance because of antiquated processing equipment. Our hardware offerings continue to cater to the needs of every individual merchant type. 



PCI is the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Date Security Standard (DSS) requirements for merchants that store, process or transmit cardholder data. Pied Piper Group will ensure that your business is properly operating under the specified guidelines of PCI, using only PCI certified POS systems or devices, and provide ultimate protection to your business, and its customers. Do not expose your business to unnecessary risks by letting an inexperienced processor handle your transactions, we can help.



Pied Piper Finance, understands the importance of reducing both transactional fees and transaction times for any establishment with a low average ticket. Signature-less / Contactless processing will not only save your business considerable amounts of money, but also allow you to process nearly three credit transitions in the same amount of time as one cash. 



Supports both standard and customized electronic gift and loyalty card programs developed to increase your business’s repeat customer base. Easy to deploy and even easier to track; these programs will guarantee additional profit for your business.



Pied Piper Finance recognizes the potential risk for your business in accepting checks as a form of payment. Or guarantee and verification programs will alleviate the risks typically associated with accepting paper checks. The program will also eliminate trips to the bank and provide faster depositing. Both will help your business focus on servicing customers, not chasing their bounced checks. With our In-state to out-of-state check verifications, accept your checks risk-free!  Our system can help accept or verify checks at POS, so if you ever find that you are in a situation where an approved check is returned from the customer’s bank, you can resubmit the process again and  be compensated within 30 days! 



Provides a reliable and secure solution for all of your e-commerce processing needs. With Pied Piper Finance you no longer need to worry about losing time, money, security or credibility because our highly experienced staff will be there every step of the way to ensure you receive the best payment gateway online without all the hassles. We guarantee that our PCI compliant e-commerce processing solution will help you process more transactions while reducing your overhead and worry.  We can help you with your own e-commerce account, manual processing of credit/debit cards, point-of-sale applications, real-time processing of credit/debit cards, shopping cart platform using a database, website applications, third party shopping cart platforms and much more. 



Provides debit card processing solutions for small businesses. This is a more convenient and secure payment method for consumers which allows them to spend their own cash by drawing out funds from currency already deposited with the card provider. Although similar to credit card processing, debit card transactions utilize different processing networks, with contrasting transaction time frames, and verifications. Since debit card processing online is highly increasing in demand, not having an integrated POS in place may cause you to lose out on sales.



Reduces the price paid by customers who use cash or check as opposed to credit/debit cards. It also provides merchants with the advantage of offsetting the cost of debit card payments.



Pied Piper Finance has partnered with the foremost cash advance organization, giving us the ability to provide clients with unlimited capital resources right at their fingertips!

At Pied Piper Finance:

  • We Support a Wide Range of Industries
  • No credit score requirements
  • And are Partnered with Respectful Cash Advance Companies


We understand the frustration and inconvenience a returned check can bring. At Pied Piper Finance, our Digital Check Imaging program terminates the threats and headaches that are associated with processing checks. With our feature, there is no need to display your check deposits to the bank. Eliminate trips and headaches today, contact us and learn more on how we can help you!



Allows your business to access the MOST robust payment gateway available. Swipe sales on our virtual terminal, email receipts to your customers, set up unlimited users each with specific permissions, administer recurring bill payments for memberships or payment plans, ACH customer’s checking accounts, integrate your website for e-commerce processing, and pull historical transaction data anywhere you or your staff have an internet connection.